The Eating Season

Soon it will be Hallowe’en, the start of the Eating Season (which should be on liturgical calendars).  That’s the season that runs from October 31 to March 17.  It starts with candy corn and ends with corned beef and cabbage.  In between there are turkey drumsticks, sweet potatoes, eggnog, candy canes, cookies, colored eggs, and so much more.

A prayer for the Eating Season: “Bless, O Lord, this season in which we have so many opportunities to praise you for food, that which daily nourishes our bodies and delights our hearts and minds.  Spare us, O Lord, from that which is not food; give us ample time to prepare and enjoy real food with our families and friends; bless us so richly this Eating Season that we may extend such blessings with wild and unstinting generosity to those most in need of this special evidence of your love.”

And the congregation said, “Yum!”

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