The weather’s bad, but I’m not.

An interesting thing has happened to me in the past five weeks.  If I am counting correctly, five weeks ago yesterday, I started losing weight by committing to some really very simple changes in what I eat and in how I exercise.

To date, I have lost eight pounds.  It was ten pounds a couple of days ago, but who knows?  I’ve been eating salty pork rinds the past two days; that could have done something.

My main concern is not, as it has been in the past, LOSING WEIGHT.  It is eating, but only eating that which is really food, foregoing many examples of what modern Americans think of as food.

There’s stuff I’ve moved from the “daily fare” category into the “treat” category where it used to be for me.  There’s stuff I’ve moved out of the “food” category where it should never have been and put it in the “almost like rat poison” category.

I want to eat what is genuine food and what is good for my body.  (Though not all genuine food is good for my particular body.)

After eating, my concern is becoming much more healthy.  I read a book a while ago called The Schwarzbein Principle which got me thinking a lot about not eating crap anymore.  The author said something like, “You don’t lose weight to get healthy; you get healthy to lose weight.”  I want to find out what that involves.  Has to be more fun than dieting.

After getting healthy, my biggest concern is losing inches.  Everyone has heard that muscle weighs more than fat, so it is possible to drop clothing sizes and not lose that much weight.

Because everyone loves pictures, I am going show some of me, but reverse the usual order that “lifestyle change pictures” usually go in.

Below is a picture of me while I was doing Weight Watchers in 2000.  I think some things about it are good, such as becoming much more aware of what goes in my mouth at mealtime, but I became quite skeptical of the whole thing on the day everyone in my group applauded a woman for losing seven pounds in a week.  As it turned out, she had had the flu.  And when I hit a weight-loss plateau and could not budge my bathroom scale for weeks, I gave up and re-gained the 16 pounds I had lost and then gained another forty.

Picture of Me in 2000


From 2000 to 2008, I made bad choices regarding food, exercise, and stress.  It was all about somehow getting through the workday, getting my work done any way possible, and going home to collapse.  I lived on a lot of junk food.  I occasionally ate things that were actual, real, good food, but most of the time I snarfed up whatever would give me energy without requiring me to spend time buying or fixing food.

In 2008, I began reading a lot about low-carb eating.  It made sense to me.  Problem was, after an initial successful trial of the Atkins diet, I found it difficult, as a loosey-goosey global thinker, to follow a lifestyle that reminded me of regular dieting.  The weighing, the measuring, the paranoia about eating “too many carbs.”  In addition, the effect of eating ten grams of carbs per day gave me the “low carb flu” and then some.  It was too hard for me and on me.  I went back to my old ways.

A month ago, however, after re-reading a variety of information on low carb eating, something started to make sense for me.  I read about something called the Primal Blueprint.  Its take on low-carb wasn’t what got to me the most; it was the idea that a successful low-carb lifestyle is one that includes a large amount of PLAYFULNESS.  In the approach to food, in the approach to exercise, in the approach to . . . everything.  My life for about the past twelve years has been so NOT playful.  Food has definitely been toooooooo serious a subject for me.

So basically, for a month, I have been having fun eating what’s good for me.  And doing something called wall push-ups.

Look at these recent pictures.  I still look fat, but I feel and move much better than I did just a month ago.  I believe for the first time ever that things really are going to change, and I don’t have to beat myself up, spend a lot of money, and/or eat artificial ingredients in the process.  It’s a bit scary to feel so blithe, but I can get used to it.

Two pictures of me in 2010



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