Been donkey’s years since I last posted. Because I have been way too enmeshed in trying to sort out and make sense of a lot in my life.

Some things I have had no success with, but some I have.

Here is one thing I have made sense of:


— That means I deal with people who have problems.

— When people have problems, they want answers.

— When people ask for answers, they often do it with noise and confusion.

— My job is to separate the problem that needs an answer from the noise and confusion and provide the information I am authorized and able to provide.

— If I cannot provide an answer, my job is to help (to the best of my authorization and ability) provide information about where an answer can be found.

— If I don’t want the noise and confusion and responsibility of being a problem-solver, then I need to get a job as a mattress-tester.

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