Edith and the Tree

Today (Tuesday, July 17, 2012) it was hot in Rochester, NY.  A guy on the bus said it got up to ninety-seven.  A friend on the phone said it got up to 92.  Whatever.  It was hot.  Also, there was a strong, dry wind blowing all day.  It seemed a little as if the world had shifted somehow so western New York was experiencing a wind straight out of the Sahara.  But no Bedouins or Tuaregs brought their camels to a stop at the stop light down the street from my office.

I did have a close encounter with the effects of the wind when I got home from work.  Despite the heat, I decided to pick up some bits of trash in the front yard.  Then I went around to the east side of the house, the side next to the apartment house whose residents are less than careful about where they put debris, even though they have trash cans.

I discovered that a section of the maple growing by my front porch was lying across the neighbors’ driveway.  I assume the wind brought it down.  Thank God the neighbors weren’t parked when it fell over.  They still had just enough room to pull into the driveway and park.

I went back inside, drank a lot of hydrating fluids, got out my lopping shears and a small saw, and went back outside.  It took me half an hour to chop everything up so that I could move it off the driveway.  (I’ll chop more on Saturday.)  I sweated me some sweat, but the wind dried it right up.

I got the job done, went inside, drank some more cold liquids, and called it done.  It was a providential experience.  No problems with my tools, with my grip, with my heat tolerance.  Don’ t exactly know why.  I felt so like I wanted to build a log cabin after that (just kidding).


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